Service Administration

This document describes the service administration functions necessary for configuring a Bayware network via a web interface. The steps below guide the administrator through the creation of users and contracts.

Step 1. Login

After installing the Controller, access its web interface at Enter default credentials

  • Domain: default
  • User: admin
  • Password: demo-app

Step 2. Configure Technical (or Resource) Users

Select the desired domain from the list under Domain and click the Add user button under Resource Users menu item. The user profile fields are

user login, maximum 30 characters
username, maximum 30 characters
user domain
select domain where user will operate
user status
choose between Enabled and Disabled
user auth method
LocalAuth in local database or LDAPAuth at directory server (inherited from domain authentication type)
select roles for user: hostOwner or switchOwner (inherited from selected domain)
password, repeat password
user password

Created user credentials should be used in switches and host configuration files (see corresponding installation guides).

Step 3. Create Contracts

Switch to domain from the drop-down list and click the Contracts section. All contracts in the selected domain will be visible. Click Add Contract, select necessary template, and fill in missing fields. Contract roles are inherited from the chosen template. If needed, add new Roles or edit existing Roles. Contract options are

contract name
name of new contract, maximum 30 characters
contract description
contract description, maximum 255 characters
contract status
enable or disable
allowed in domain
select the domain where contract should be permitted
service template
select the template from which contract should be inherited