System Administration

This document describes the system administration functions necessary for configuring a Bayware network via a web interface. The steps below guide the user through the creation of domains, administrators, and templates.

Step 1. Login

After installing the Controller, access its web interface at Enter default credentials of

  • Domain: default
  • User: admin
  • Password: bayware1

Step 2. Configure Domains

After installation only the default domain exists for administrative purposes. To add a new domain, in the Domain section, click Add Domain and fill out the fields

domain name
desired domain name, maximum 60 characters;
there are two types of domains: infrastructure and user. An infrastructure domain is used for network switch nodes and a user domain is used for network host nodes.
add description for domain if needed, maximum 255 characters
authorization method
there are two types of authorization: LocalAuth in local database at Controller or LDAPAuth at directory server.

Step 3. Configure Admin

If needed, create a named administrator account using the Admin - Administrators section. An administrator can either be a System Admin (in default domain) or Domain Admin (in any other domain). Required fields are

user login, maximum 30 characters
username, maximum 30 characters
user domain
select domain where user will operate
user status
choose between Active and Disabled
user auth method
LocalAuth in local database or LDAPAuth at directory server (inherited from domain authentication type)
password, repeat password
user password

Step 4. Import Templates

In Templates, click Upload Template and select a template file on your local machine. Once the template has been uploaded, select the domains in which you want it to be available.

The Service Template Details form includes fields

service template name, maximum 30 characters
service template description, maximum 255 characters

Also configure role parameters on this page

service role name
role name, maximum 30 characters
service role description
role description, maximum 255 characters
default token params
code hex
code map
path hex
Default path params
program params
default service params
ACL rules